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The Parity Approach in 6 Steps

5 Nov 2018


Creating Leading-Edge Audio-Visual Solutions in 6 Steps


Parity Technology Consulting is an award-winning business at the forefront of the Audio-Visual industry. We work closely with clients including architects, interior designers and builders to deliver

AV solutions that complement the desired aesthetics and produce a quality outcome.


We offer comprehensive Audio-Visual Consultancy Services for projects over an extensive range of applications. While end‑to‑end services are recommended, the below components can be provided independently.


1.  Scoping

     We listen carefully to your unique requirements and provide professional advice on available options.


 2.  Functionality Brief

      We produce a detailed Functionality Brief to confirm the desired requirements and objectives.


 3.  System Design

      We provide comprehensive system design documentation including system drawings and equipment



  4.  Seek Tenders

       We seek tenders from relevant suppliers and installers as well as comprehensive tender evaluations.


  5.  Project Management

       We oversee the installation of the systems to ensure that the project is delivered as specified.


  6. Testing / Quality Assurance

        We thoroughly test the solution to ensure that it meets the specification and optimised for client's



In addition, a wide variety of other services are available including auditing rooms, writing AV standards, peer reviews, value for money reviews and more.


…A little more to think about:


The most important aspect of an independent consultant is to avoid any vested financial interest. We do not have any financial interest in any product, distributor, or integrator. An independent consultant acts in the client’s best interest and only specifies the most suitable products for their application.


This knowledge base is developed through practical experience combined with education and training. Keeping up to date with new technology enables a deep understanding of the various aspects of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing technologies.


We have earned our award-winning reputation and credibility through our independence and insistence on putting our clients’ interests first.




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