Business As Usual

Despite the current scenario we are all facing during COVID-19, Parity is still continuing with our full business services as per usual. From the beginning of Parity nine years ago, we have always been a cloud-based and paperless business. We have always had home office set-ups for all staff which mirror our office desks. With this easy transition, we have shifted the majority of our time to working from home.

We are still available for site meetings, Quality Assurance testing and other services on site as required. Of course we are taking precautions as appropriate, however these do not really change our capability to delivery our services and projects.

With many facilities being vacant or minimally used, access for audits and installations is excellent. It's actually a very good time to spend planning, designing and documenting projects so our clients can hit the ground running when things return to 'normal'. If you have any opportunities that you would like to discuss, please reach out to us.