The Independent Consultant

What can you expect from the people at Parity Technology Consulting?

  • Develop realistic and practical solutions to client problems,

  • No financial interest in any product, distributor, manufacturer, or integrator,

  • Act in the client's best interest, and only specify the best products for their application or standard,

  • We have the credibility associated with being entirely independent,

  • Render impartial, factually-based, independent advice,

  • Behave with integrity and professionalism at all times,

  • Agree with the client in advance on the basis for their professional fees,

  • Safeguard confidential information.

If you are already a consultant then this may look familiar, many of these statements are from the Australian Institute of Management Consultants Ltd.

We have pledged to abide by this Code of Ethics and voluntarily adhere to this which signifies the self-discipline of our profession. We will maintain our professionalism and adhere to the highest ethical standards while providing the best services to our clients; and also in our dealings with our colleagues and the public.

Reputations in business can be fragile. It can take years to develop and can be lost overnight. The reputation of Parity is no different. Consultants can be swayed by distributor and/or manufacturer financial interest. This will never happen at Parity as our ethics are one of the key differentiators of our business. We do not have a financial interest in distributors and/or manufacturers.

We will always promote and adhere to these ethics on all work we do on your behalf.

That is our promise.


The Parity Team


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