Andrew Hicks
BEngComm, BAppScPhys, CTS-D, CTS-I


Andrew has worked with audio visual systems for over 16 years in multiple roles including as a design engineer, test and evaluation engineer and a system operator for large events. With a wide variety of experience, he has the ability to understand systems from multiple perspectives to provide the best solution for clients. Having worked within the commercial audio visual and video conferencing market for over eight years, Andrew has a detailed understanding of many different types of systems and the requirements of clients.


Andrew has been involved with many large scale projects throughout industry sectors such as Government, Education, Corporate, Performing Arts and Houses of Worship. He has also been involved with several high security projects such as the Department of Defence Headquarters Joint Operations Command, developing a comprehensive range of expertise in high security systems that are required by Defence and many Government Departments.


Andrew has also completed various manufacturer training courses and also has a Bachelor of Engineering (Communications) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Physics). He also holds a current industry Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) accreditation. This wide range of experience provides the ability to provide a holistic understanding and approach to audio visual and video conferencing systems while still considering commercial limitations.

Pasquale Valpied
BEngElect(Hons), CTS-D, CTS-I

Pasquale has developed the many skills required to be an effective technology consultant through his 13 years in the commercial technology industry. His early years in the industry were spent in Project Management and Engineering roles with a major national Audio Visual (AV) integrator. In this time, Pasquale focussed on clients such as Defence, higher education, corporate and government departments. He spent 13 months living in Canberra to ensure the delivery of a large Defence project.


After partnering with Andrew Hicks to co-found Parity in early 2011, Pasquale continued to hone his AV and client skills further. During his time in Parity, Pasquale has continued to develop relationships with key clients while maintaining their trust and positive rapport. He has developed new technology standards for large clients such as the City of Melbourne and Melbourne Water. He has also acted as an expert witness for a court case involving a high-end residential installation. Pasquale has delivered training sessions on behalf of AVIXA, and has spoken in panel discussions at technology events.


Pasquale has an Honours Degree in Engineering (Electronic), and has also undertaken AV-specific design training. He is very familiar with designing and implementing mission-critical systems. With an ideal combination of design and management skills, Pasquale is well equipped to make a client’s technology goals become a reality. He is ready to assist in maximising audio visual budgets, while optimising the end-user experience.

Tony Marshall
Senior Consultant
BArts(Hons), CTS-D, CTS-I


Tony is an Audio Visual integration design specialist with over 13 years of IT and AV systems integration experience. His years in AV integration gave Tony solid experience to transfer into his current Consulting role, which he began three years ago. Tony has worked in many capacities in his technology career, being in consulting, quoting, designing, project managing, installing, commissioning and supporting AV systems. He has worked on projects for a wide range of high-profile clients in the government, education, and corporate sectors.


His experience and industry qualifications encompass videoconferencing, analogue and digital audio/video routing, control system programming, sound reinforcement, project management, IT networking & domain infrastructure, and digital recording and transcript production. Tony has also completed audio training from SynAudCon in 2019.


Prior to becoming an AV Consultant three years ago, his AV integration experience included the design and/or implementation of major AV projects for Victoria Police, Victorian Department of Justice, University of Tasmania, ACCC, ATO, Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales Crime Commission, High Court of Australia, and Australian Federal Police.